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May 14, 2010

HI Everyone 

MCC and  Dlalanathi(Play with us) have went into a 2 year partnership to help children that have suffered loss to heal, grow and become healthy adults. 


  • Death
  • Parent being absent
  • Abandonment

This project has been designed to assist our community with the skills to help these children through this jounrey. MCC and Dlalanathi has brought hope and healing into situations where there was anger and sadness and where there was no future to look forward to.  



Parents you are frustrated, you don’t understand your teenagers. You don’t know what they thinking and you really would like to understand them more. Dont despair help is at hand. We at MCC would like to hear from you. So come on tell us what bugs you, what doesn’t as far as your teenage son or daughter is concerned. We have a project coming up where finally it’s all about the parent and we really would like to know how we can help you. So watch this space for dates, venue and your final release from parenting stress.  





March 2, 2010


Mariannridge was established in 1976 as a coloured township to relocate coloured families living in a around Durban. This was part of the implementation of the apartheid group areas act. The first families moved into the area in June 1976.

The people came from Pinetown, Motala Farm, Clemont, Thornwood, Cato Manor, Umlaas and other areas. Initially 600 units of flats and semi-detached houses were built to accommodate coloured people. When residents arrived there was no infra-structure, no transport system, no access roads to flats no schools and no shops.

Over the years ownership and RDP houses were built. There is now a swimming pool,taxi rank, clinic, creche, fire station, library,community hall, churches, crisis centre, a mosque, primary and high school.
Welcome to the Durban Sings raw footage archive of the oral history recordings published on . These links will be put up as the site archives are being published.
includes mainly collected interwviews following standard D/S questionnaire format i.e. biography, family tree, and memories about area, what has changed? What would you change? Dreams for future of area/self, popular saying/proverb, favorite song and any other comments (see D/s questionnaire onâ¦
Mix languages mainly English.

Welcome to the DURBAN SINGS footage archive of oral history recording. These tracks were recorded by Linda DuPreez, Beverley Webster, Kathy Boyce, Charlene Bridger of Mariann Co-ordinating Commitee(MCC)in Mariannridge Durban South Africa in May/ June 2009.

Track 1 No: 009 Date: 28.05.09 Name of interviewee:

Colin Amien

Area: Mariannridge Primary School (school principal)

length: 5:06 The recordings are published to feed debate and listening exchange
PLEASE SHARE ALIKE. WE treasure these records.
Related parts of the DURBAN SINGS audio archive can be accessed via the switchboard blog and directly via the local editorial teams: